Southside Water Polo Club is committed to providing every child the opportunity to experience the great sport of water polo. We have established ourselves as a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to teach and share the love of the game. The Southside Water Polo Club Board of Directors (BOD) is dedicated in keeping the cost of participation as low as possible. However, we realize our tuition could be out of reach for some families. We do not want financial concerns to be the reason your child misses out on such a positive experience!

To assist those in need, we will be providing a variety of opportunities for families to manage their financial obligations: financial aid and payment plans. It is a family’s responsibility to complete the online Financial Aid/Payment Plan information according to the Southside Water Polo Financial Aid Application Procedures.

Payment plan

In the event that a single payment made for seasonal dues is not feasible for your family by the payment deadline, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis on a payment plan for the dues. The failure for a family to communicate with the Southside Water Polo will result in a late fee being applied to the athlete’s account.

Financial Aid

Hardship can come upon any family at any point. For events where making a payment at all would be impossible or very difficult, a financial aid application is available online. The financial aid request must also be submitted prior to the payment deadline or a late fee will be applied to the athlete’s account. All applications will be reviewed by the Southside Financial Aid Committee, and you will be notified of the amount approved for the program(s) selected.


Southside Water Polo incurs tremendous expenses for our teams for its tournament and programs. Due to those expenses, if the player chooses not to participate in the program after submitting registration and payment, the payment will not be refunded. If a player signs up to attend a tournament and is unable to attend, there will not be a refund provided. If a player becomes injured during the season, there will not be a refund provided.